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Motivates your customer to buy again and again
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Why Most Web Copywriting Is Rubbish
And What You Can Do So Yours
Actually Makes You Money
If you’re a business owner or manager you’re probably frustrated.

Chances are your website is a disaster.

And your web copy isn’t bringing in enough sales or customers.

You KNOW if you could just get your copy right, you’d attract all the customers and sales you’d ever need.

Without the stress, without the cold calling, and without chasing people up.

You’re starting to see your copy is the main thing standing between you and making that sale or getting that customer.
“I recovered Kathryn’s fee 11 times in just 1 month + 2 new clients told me ‘your website sold me’. I’m now looking to employ a new full time person to keep up with this new work!”
Deb O’Connell


And it’s dawning on you that your web copywriting has FOUR distinct functions to perform to make you money:

  1. Grab Google’s attention
  2. Grab your web visitor’s attention
  3. Compel your web visitor to buy
  4. Motivate your customer to buy again

But there’s all all this conflicting advice out there by so called ‘experts’ and you don’t know who to trust to either help you write, or write your copy for you.

And you sure as hell don’t want to make a mistake and waste your money on the muppets in the industry.

I know…

Been there. Done that.

Got the tee shirt.

Your burly web copywriter crisis…


Truly specialised web copywriters are rare.

This is an epic catastrophe.

You need them on your side because your website copy (and your business by default), is constantly under siege by judgments from your target market that are so insidious and so subliminal that you don’t even know you’re getting slammed when you are.


You need a specialised web copywriter to skillfully influence these judgements with words that finesse your target market and tilt them in your favour, so you can make money off your website that you didn’t even know you could get.

That’s why Website Words’ lead website copywriter is deliberately trained in the art of finesse.

And if our website copywriter isn’t doing it for you, she’s doing it for your competitors!
“Need words written fast? Call Kathryn! What impressed me most about her was her originality and focus on getting a persuasive message across. She quickly articulated my key messages and produced my words bang on time.”
Glenys Milicich-Wilson

Owner, Wedding Flowers

5 juicy Website Words’ web copywriter benefits

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  1. Your web copy problem disappears. Our web copywriter thoroughly understands it, owns it and delivers it back to you solved.

  2. You’ll add precious hours to your day. Our web copywriter ensures it’s one less task that you struggle with.

  3. You’ll get peace of mind that your web copy is right. Our web copywriter ‘kicks butt’ with a fresh perspective that industriously prepares your target market to make a purchasing decision.

  4. You’ll look good. Our web copywriter reinforces your professional credibility, validates your expertise and influences your target market.

  5. Your life is simplified. Our web copywriter delivers your web copy with minimal disruption to you.

If your web copywriting is rubbish… it’s not your fault

Chances are you’ve not had great advice about your web copywriting.

Or maybe you’ve simply looked at the market place and followed the crowd.

Problem is… the crowd is totally clueless.

That’s why most web copywriting is rubbish and never makes money.

So let’s make it easy for you…

Simple for you…

And I’ll start by helping you for free.

Can’t say fairer than that, can I?
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