Case Studies:


Case Study One:


A business came to consult with our web copywriter because their website wasn’t ranking high in Google searches, so they weren’t getting a lot of directed traffic to their site.

What Website Words did:

  • We asked what they thought were their keywords (words used to search for their product or service).
  • We conducted a thorough keyword research (to uncover the actual words).
  • We rewrote the page scripts and page copy to be strategically packed with keywords in all the right places making sure it read and ranked well for Google.


Google’s rankings of their website started to increase from day 2 and continued to rise over the next 5+ weeks.

3 crucial lessons:

  1. You have to uncover the true keywords of your target market (as often they are not what you think).
  2. You have to know exactly where to put these keywords to make the biggest impact on Google.
  3. Google will respond by increasing your rankings if you make your web copy easy for it to read.

Case Study Two:


A client came to consult with our web copywriter because their website wasn’t grabbing the attention of their web visitors fast, and enticing them to stay and use their website as a place to learn, comment and interact.

What Website Words did:

After trawling through copious levels of information, it became abundantly clear that the reason why web visitors weren’t becoming engaged was because the information and essence was being overwhelmed by wordy copy.

What was happening was that people were being turned off when they couldn’t quickly find what they were looking for so they bounced off in frustration.

So we:

  • Sifted through their many, many words.
  • Extracted their indispensible core messages.
  • Created ‘smart’ headlines and peppered them with core messages and appeal.
  • Introduced short sentences, simple words and sub headings.


The length of time that web visitors stayed on the website increased and it became seen as the community hub, a place to go for specialised information and conversations.

This was achieved because:

  • Headlines outlined key messages and induced customers to read the next sentence…and then the next sentence…
  • Heavy text was broken up with sub headings making the information easier to scan and find.

4 crucial lessons:

  1. Know what solution your content will provide your web visitors.
  2. Create headlines with an intriguing, mouth-watering twist that will get people to stop and read.
  3. Make sure that every sentence compels the reader to read the following sentence.
  4. Deliver useful, valuable information. Always.

Case Study Three:


A well-known industrial business came to consult with our web copywriter because their website wasn’t enticing enough web visitors to pull out their credit cards and buy their product.

They were scared of writing (in case they got it wrong), they didn’t have the time and they didn’t know the right things to say

What Website Words did:

Firstly we turned the spotlight on their target market to uncover their most enduring problems.

Then we flipped our focus and really drilled down to the core of the industrial business to identify what solutions they provided and what they did exceptionally well.

Once we had a solid understanding of these critical factors we:

  • Scripted carefully crafted words, designed to provide the valuable information and the emotional connection that their target market sought.
  • Subtlely changed their website structure, to ensure that the content primed their target market (prepared them to make a purchasing decision) by leading them easily through to action by tackling their objections on the way.


  • Online sales began to increase because the content spoke directly to the target market about their problem (in exactly the language that they understood), the evident solution and the cost to the target market (not price of product) if they delayed over purchasing this solution.
  • By the time the target market got to the call to action, their hands were already hovering over their wallets!

4 crucial lessons:
Always write your web copy in terms of your target market. They need to know:

  1. That you understand their problem.
  2. What their life looks like once you’ve solved their problem.
  3. What differentiates your products/services (something that competitors do not, or will not offer).
  4. What action you want them to take.

Case Study Four:


A business owner came to consult with our web copywriter because his website was out-of-date and extremely bad at influencing his customers to buy from him again.

He’d got the ‘thing’ up there but he didn’t know how to maintain value and persuade his customers to come back again and again to buy from him.

What Website Words did:

We made his problem simply ‘disappear’, without any hassle, anxiety or complication.

We followed our systematic business process and:

  • Listened to, understood and completely owned the ‘problem’.
  • Unlocked key information by extracting and reinterpreting his jumbled thoughts out of his head, into the ‘right words’ and into effective web copy.
  • Supplied web copy filled with emotional connections, persuasive words and strong calls to action.


Within 4 weeks from getting his website onto Google’s front page, he noticed an increase in online sales.

This was because his web copy re-engaged his customers and motivated them to want to do business with him again.

4 crucial lessons:

  1. Recognise your limitations and constraints.
  2. Regardless of what kind of business you have, people are really buying the entire emotional experience of doing business with you (not just your product or service).
  3. A web copywriter is trained to connect with emotion and create a feeling people want to repeat.
  4. It’s often surprisingly cheaper for you… in terms of disruption (time and anxiety) and potential lost jobs (money) … to bring in a web copywriter with a fresh perspective to rewrite your web copy.

“I recovered Kathryn’s fee 11 times in just 1 month + 2 new clients told me ‘your website sold me’. I’m now looking to employ a new full time person to keep up with this new work!”

Deb O’Connell


“Think it’ll save you money to rewrite your own website? Think again! Run…don’t walk to the phone and call Kathryn from Website Words today! She delivers punchy, sharp, fascinating content that makes people read on. It’s a no brainer.”

Sheila Sullivan

Director, All-Occasions

“With the daunting task of rewriting an entire website –enter Kathryn Reid from Website Words. Kathryn visited our company, listened to what we were all about and got a feel for the culture and surroundings which make our company. Kathryn also researched our industry and got to know the terms and issues that we use and face every day. This allowed her to rewrite our site in a manner that that was relevant and professional. The content was written using links and key and searchable words that are easily found by Google and other search engines, thus getting our website onto the front page and creating more enquiries. Kathryn was so easy to work with and has a great sense of humour. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”

Joe Steele

General Manager, McCullough Ltd

“Need words written fast? Call Kathryn! What impressed me most about her was her originality and focus on getting a persuasive message across. She quickly articulated my key messages and produced my words bang on time.”

Glenys Milicich-Wilson

Floral Designer, Manukau Florist & Wedding Flowers

“Website Words brought my story to life! It sparkled and danced online and conversed like an old friend with my potential customers. The words were so authentic and inclusive that people told me they were moved to tears when they read them. I even cried – and it’s my story! Call Website Words now if you want all of this without the hassle of doing it yourself.”

Melinka Granich

Director and Reiki Practitioner, Tranquility Healing

“Before we worked with Kathryn we wondered whether it was going to be value for money. Turns out the best thing about working with her is everything! She’s honest, funny, professional and extremely enthusiastic… We’d highly recommend her to anyone who has doubts about whether they need a copywriter and can only praise her excellent service.”

Rob C and Jo C


“I needed Kathryn to quickly understand what I wanted and what my customers wanted. She did keyword research, pointed us in the right direction and wrote our copy. It was money well spent in all the right areas.

Vaughn Clark

Managing Director, Primero Profiles

“I googled copywriting because I thought I have to learn how to do it myself. I clicked on every link on the top 2 pages. Everyone was saying the same, except yours. Yours was different because yours asked the questions for me. I had to meet with you ASAP.”

Rye Tusani

Owner, Website Robots

I wanted to deal with somebody who took an interest in getting a good understanding of my business and could create a website that worked. Kathryn delivered results. Currently we organically rank #2, #3 and #4 for our top keyword. We’re getting work, enquires and comments from people saying ‘I like your website, it’s very informative’ or ‘I chose you because of your website’. Our content makes our site quite different and unique because it’s not just a whole heap of pictures.”

Kevin Glover

Owner, BJ Tyres

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