Is Your Website Copy At Risk?

Most people who search for website copy are searching for ready-made, suitable web copy to talk about their products or services.

They take (e.g. copy/paste) this website copy from someone else’s website and then slightly modify and personalise it by adding some information about themselves.

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Beware…of copied website copy

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While this may have the initial appearance of the ideal and fast web copy solution (you ain’t no website copywriter so if you don’t need to struggle and pontificate over specially crafted sentences, you easily meet your web copy deadline), duplicating website copy forces your website to play Russian roulette with all search engines like Google, and with all chambers full.

Also beware…over 90% of website copy is badly written by people who are:

  • Pushed for time
  • Don’t know what they’re doing and worse
  • Don’t understand the formulas behind the internet

Why plagiarise (or base your web copy) on incorrect, ineffective website copy?

You may as well just go to an ATM, withdraw all your cash and hand it to your competitors.
Why help your competitors out by having website copy equally bad or worse than theirs?

Wouldn’t it be better for business if you were in the top 10% of websites with correct, effective web copy?

Death by search engines:

If you use website copy from other websites, Google (and other search engines) will recognise this tactic and lower your website index rankings or remove your website entirely from their index.

The reason search engines are deliberately wired to do this is because they seek to create good user experiences and duplicate web copy is deemed poor user experience and therefore penalised.

If your website is removed from search engine indexes you are required to resubmit your website for reconsideration, once you’ve resolved your duplicate web copy problem.

And during all this time, your competitors are basking in web traffic that could have been going to you.

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Death by customers:

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It is specific to their unique silhouette, their problems and solutions, their needs and frustrations.

By using ‘ready-made’ website copy you’ve found elsewhere, you’ve inadvertently overlooked the primary powerhouse of your website.

Your customers.

How can you appeal and engage your customers with web copy that has been written for a totally different person?

Your customer has arrived on your website, distracted by pressures and challenges vying for their time and attention.

They need your web copy to be immediately beneficial and constructive.

For them.

You’ve got less than eight seconds to convince them that you understand them.

Unreservedly. Or they’re gone. Often forever.

Death by website copy:

Before you go and plagiarise someone else’s website copy (because you don’t have the time or you don’t know what to write) consider this:

  • A good website copywriter can easily write your web copy.
  • Always use a website copywriter that is specially trained to write website copy (it’s distinctly different from traditional ‘offline’ writing e.g. brochures).


You’ll effortlessly gain the huge advantage of supercharged web copy that fulfils two key purposes:

  • Ranks well in search engines.
  • Engages with and serves your customers needs.

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