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We’re a truly unique Auckland-based company deliberately focused on writing website copy that will actually:

  • Attract leads
  • Boost conversions
  • Drive customers and sales
  • Grow turnover
  • Maximise profit

Regardless of economic climate or industry competition!

Website Words’

A brief history:

Website Copywriter Kathryn Reid

Website Words became laser-focused on informative and persuasive web copywriting in 2009 when the recession meant Auckland businesses were scrutinizing every dollar and screaming out for web copywriters who could write website copy to attract customers and increase sales.

My name is Kathryn Reid.

During an extremely stressful month in 2009 when I was approaching businesses looking for my next communications contract, I got fed-up with being incessantly assaulted by badly written website copy.

I began questioning:

  • Business motives behind website copy that confused rather than clarified.
  • Business intent (and budgets) when website after website unbelievably hid any meaningful information behind vague corporate jargon and incongruous waffle.

My response to this alarming problem…

I recognised that poor web copywriting was an endemic problem severely preventing businesses from attracting new customers and making more sales.

So I began to relentlessly pursue and learn everything I could about the particular psychology and language of the web visitor and the best way to aid and persuade them.

I learned quickly that web copywriting is distinctly different from traditional copywriting.

I literally had to unlearn most of the things that I already knew in order to write effective website copy specifically for business websites.

The significant benefit of this to you…

Over 95% of people research products/services online before they make a decision to purchase, and I know know exactly what works to help you attract new customers and make more sales.

Just imagine…

You don’t know me and we’ve probably never met.

But you suspect you need what I’m selling.

Although you’re not 100% certain I’m the one for you.

So what do you do?

You do what over 95% of people do.

You go online and do some quiet background research on me, specifically around my experience, results and credibility.

To help you feel more confident I know what I’m talking about, and to give you a valid reason to talk to me.

It’s my web copy that created that valid reason.

And you web copy MUST create a valid reason for your target market to talk to you too.

Because you don’t know how many opportunities are being blocked by your current web copywriting.

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My background

Website Copywriter Farm
Website Copywriter Image of UK and Europe
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I grew up on a dairy farm in the Waikato (firmly establishing my love of animals and the outdoors) and was consistently writing and winning speech competitions by the time I was 12.

The reason I achieved this success was because I’d intentionally learned at a young age to present people with the information they wanted to hear in a manner they wanted to hear it.

I spent my secondary school years at a boarding school in Hamilton where I absolutely loved and devoured English.

I was captivated by words and conversations and the meanings behind them.

I topped my school for School Certificate English (a national examination) because I sought to identify the examiner’s specific formula for a correct answer – then tirelessly practiced the formula.

In 1992, I was selected for the GAP scheme (a scholarship to give people a job and an overseas experience between secondary school and university) and spent a year in South England.

I worked as an instructor in a YMCA outdoor education centre called Fairthorne Manor.

This became an excellent training ground for me to learn how to communicate under pressure as well as establish authority, teach clearly and sustain enthusiasm.

After I spoke at the annual GAP conference at Oxford University, I threw my pack on my back and with an Australian friend headed to Scandinavia and Europe, with virtually no money but a huge sense of adventure.

Arriving in countries randomly, at weird times and not speaking or reading the language forced me to be creative with talking and learning to communicate in different languages.

I loved it.

In 1994 I began a Physical Education (PE) degree at Otago University Dunedin, which I completed alongside a Commerce degree majoring in marketing (and just a couple of papers shy of a double major in management).

PE ensured I maintained a life balanced by a combination of exercise and study and pushed my body comfort zone.

Commerce taught me to excel at writing and refine the art of influence.

In 1998, after just finishing my double degree, I was selected by ASIC to take my Commence degree and work in Greece (chasing the sun), but instead I accepted a highly competitive graduate recruitment position with the Mars corporation in Auckland.

From this launching pad my career danced across both client and agency side of business and spanned Wellington and Auckland.

The common thread entwining all of this was I was always working with words – crafting words to educate and sell and uncovering the language of the target audience and speaking it back to them.

Then, as the recession hit, I obsessively became a specialist at web copywriting to help businesses attract new customers and sales.

Recharge time for me means discovering ‘hidden’ places and spaces, sometimes walking and sometimes tramping.

I have a ravenous appetite for reading and I’ve been adopted by 3 stray wild cats, whose entertaining antics keep me enthusiastically trawling pet food aisles in supermarkets.

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