The Actual Purpose Of Copywriting

Ultimately, you’re in business to do two things: attract customers and satisfy them.

Your web copywriting must accomplish this too.

So go back to web basics.

The purpose of your website is to achieve four goals.

Each goal is actually one step in a four-step process.

A web copywriter’s job is to truly understand and meticulously follow each of these four steps, in order, so that your website can do its job correctly.

Fundamentally your web copywriting supercharges your website to:

“Before we worked with Kathryn we wondered whether it was going to be value for money. Turns out the best thing about working with her is everything! She’s honest, funny, professional and extremely enthusiastic… We’d highly recommend her to anyone who has doubts about whether they need a copywriter and can only praise her excellent service.”

Rob C and Jo C


Step 1:

Grab Google's attention with your web copywriting

Google has to find your website to get people onto it.

Your web copywriting must reflect the real language your customers use to search for your product or service.

Around 80-90% of people discover websites through search engines (of which around 85% use Google) so your website has to be highly ranked.

This is not achieved by novice luck but rather by skilled expertise.

First: use Google tools (e.g. keyword tool) to uncover the actual keywords being searched for (often they’re not what you think).

Second: expertly embed these keywords into page scripts, titles etc (to read well for Google) and into page copy (to read well for humans).

Click here for more information about web copywriting to grab Google’s attention.

Step 2:

Grab People's Attention with your web copywriting

Your web copywriting must flaunt magnetic headlines that stops your casual visitor dead in their tracks and turns them into avid readers of your next sentence

e.g. “The most closely guarded secret your bank prays you’ll never discover”.

Around 80% of people read headlines and only 20% will read on, so a weak headline guarantees that your copy will not be read.

Click here for more information about web copywriting to grab visitors’ attention.

Step 3:

Compel people to buy with your web copywriting

Your web copywriting must drip with the power of persuasion, with:


  • Fascinating bullet points e.g. “the simple web copywriting facts are…”
  • Jaw droppingly relevant benefits e.g. “toasty toes at 6am in winter”
  • Strong calls to action e.g. “click on the download button to start your 30-day free trial”
  • Risk-free guarantees e.g. “we guarantee that you’ll save 12 hours in 6 weeks, or your money back”.

Click here for more information about web copywriting to compel visitors to buy.

Step 4:

Motivate people to buy again with your web copywriting

Your web copywriting must deliberately remain valuable to your customers by staying up-to-date and continually providing the latest advice and information to:


  • Encourage them to return to your website
  • Demonstrate your expertise in a likable way
  • Help them make further purchasing decisions.

Click here for more information about web copywriting to motivate customers to buy again.

Web Copywriting Benefits

Correct web copywriting is pivotal to your website victory.

The purpose of your website is to accomplish 4 goals (through 4 steps) that must be completed in order, to make your website top of its game.

Correct web copywriting ensures that your website gets to, and stays at the top. only works with a handful of clients at a time: so contact us here or call 021 140 9071 to secure your spot

Benefits of using Website Copywriter

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