Step 3: Compel Your Web Visitor To Buy

“What is the purpose of your website?”

If you’re like 99.9% of businesses, its purpose is to tell your web visitor something, get them to stop, read and take action e.g. buy, phone, sign up or read on.

Your web copywriting is about slowing people down and connecting with them.

Encouraging people to take their foot off the accelerator, for a glorious second, raises the probability that they’ll buy from you or at least call you.

You want them to interrogate your content and bond with you, so make your web copywriting interesting, captivating and memorable.

The true authority behind the ‘pulling power’ of your website is your web copywriting. Commanding web copywriting ensures people:

  • Understand your value.
  • Dissect your information.
  • Make a decision to take action.
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Going back to basics

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Remember: the purpose of your website is to achieve four goals.
Each goal is one step in a four-step process.

These four steps have to be completed correctly and in order.

The consequence of failing any step with incompetent website copywriting guarantees alarming web causalities like people leaving your website without ‘buying’ an action.

The simple website copywriting facts

Your web copywriting must connect and convert.

People are visual creatures, so web copywriting with lots of white space is a killer combination.

Make your web copywriting drip with words that ‘sell themselves’, influence and persuade. Use:

  • Fascinating bullet points e.g. “the simple web copywriting facts are…”
  • Jaw droppingly relevant benefits e.g. “toasty toes at 6am in winter”
  • Strong calls to action e.g. “click on the download button to start your 30-day free trial”
  • Risk-free guarantees e.g. “we guarantee that you’ll save 12 hours in 6 weeks, or your money back”

Write copy using:

  1. Fascinating bullet points
  2. Jaw dropping benefits
  3. Strong calls to action
  4. Risk-free guarantees

Web copywriting that compels your web visitor to ‘buy’ an action: Where to start?

 You must sell your ‘buy now’ or ‘take action’ directive

Your web copywriting must sell your ‘buy now’ or ‘take action’ directive.

So target and refine your web copywriting language.

Use words that are verb (action) driven.

Make your web copy clear (confusion leads to procrastination and ultimately, not making a decision).


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Investing in web copywriting:

Web copywriting that compels to buy needs to be a little genius and convincingly portray the unpleasantness of life without your product or service.

You’ll invest a little more for a web copywriter with specific web copywriting expertise, rather than a generalist…

… just as you’d invest a little more for a stylish designer shirt rather than a mainstream cheapie straight off the rack with threads still dangling from a hem.

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Essential web copywriting techniques:

  1. Create urgency by using deadlines and limited supply to get more people clicking the ‘buy’ or ‘call’ button.
  2. Create credibility by avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes (e.g. know the difference between your and you’re).

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