Step 2: Grab Your Web Visitor’s Attention

All the website traffic in the world isn’t going to do you much good if your web visitors click away because your web copy isn’t compelling enough to make them stay, let alone take action. All this responsibility lies with your headline. Effective headlines are your key web copywriting currency, and must be written cleverly by your website copywriter to resonate, connect and provide your web visitor a reason to read on because:

  • Headlines are the first things to be read.
  • Headlines are used as the decision maker to read the rest of your web copy…or not!
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Going back to basics

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Remember: the purpose of your website is to achieve four goals.
Each goal is one step in a four-step process.

These four steps have to be completed correctly and in order.

The consequence of failing any step by using an inept website copywriter guarantees major web causalities and stoppages.

The simple website copywriter facts

The stakes are high so you’ve got to make a great impression.


If your website copywriter doesn’t stop your web visitor dead in their tracks with your headline, you don’t stand a chance of connecting with them, solving their problem and ultimately making a sale.

A weak headline will mean your web copy won’t get read…period…so the rest of your web copy may as well not exist.

You’ve got to make a great impression INSTANTLY

Grab your web visitor’s attention like a pro website copywriter: Where to start?

Turn your
casual browser
into a reader

Sharpen your own website copywriter dexterity and turn your casual browser into a reader with smart headlines that:

  • Captivate and fascinate.
  • Grab attention and don’t let go.
  • Induce them to read the next sentence…and then the next.
  • Make them stick like glue until the finish.


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Investing in a website copywriter

Your website copywriter needs to write headlines that are clever, considered and correct.

This requires talent.

You’ll invest a little more for a website copywriter with specific web copywriting expertise, rather than a generalist…

… just as you’d invest a little more for a builder with 15 years experience rather than the kid with the ‘Christmas’ nail gun and tool belt.

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Grab People's Attention using website copywriters image
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Fail-proof website copywriter strategies for headlines:

  1. Find the twist of intrigue e.g. What Michelle hides from Barack.
  2. Appeal to the human need of gaining pleasure e.g. How to make a full time income on a part time schedule.
  3. Appeal to the human need of avoiding pain e.g. Stop absenteeism dead.

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