Step 1: Grab Google’s Attention

Being on the coveted front page of Google (or any other search engine) doesn’t happen by accident.

The website copywriting that puts the website there is thoroughly researched and acutely considered.

The website copywriting has been strategically packed with keywords in all the right places.

The real power behind your webs copywriting is your web copywriter, because they ensure that your website copywriting:

  • Ranks well in Google.
  • Appeals to and serves your business needs.
  • Boosts a keyword density that is higher than your competitors (this requires specialised research).
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Going back to basics

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Remember: the purpose of your website is to achieve four goals.
Each goal is one step in a four-step process.

These four steps have to be completed correctly and in order.

The consequence of failing any step with incompetent website copywriting guarantees bad ranking and major web causalities.

The simple website copywriting facts

Businesses have a hard job being visible in Google, which is harsh because Google has to find your website to get people onto it.

It’s all about optimising your website copywriting to reflect the actual language your customers use to search for your product or service.

Around 80-90% of people discover websites through search engines and getting Google to find your website is achieved through skilled website copywriting finesse, not luck.

This is brutally apparent when you consider that the top 10 listings receive nearly 80% more traffic than those in position 11 to 30…and any listings after 30 is doomed to failure.

80-90% of people discover websites through search engines

Website copywriting that grabs Google’s attention: Where to start?

Use Google’s keyword tool to uncover the actual keywords being searched for

Use Google’s keyword tool to uncover the actual keywords being searched for (often they’re not what you think).

Cleverly embed these keywords into page scripts, titles etc (to read well for Google) and into page copy (to read well for humans).


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Investing in website copywriting:

The success and status of your website is utterly reflected by your ability to influence Google.

You need correct website copywriting.

You’ll invest a little more for a web copywriter with specific website copywriting expertise, rather than a generalist …

… just as you’d invest a little more for an Aston Martin mechanic who’s been in business for 20 years over some kid at the local repairer who yearns to try to fix it.

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People search daily on Google maps for businesses in specific areas and Google ranks these results high on the first page.

You can effortlessly harness this power by having your own highly optimised Google Business Listing copywritten.

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