Step 4: Motivate Your Customer To Buy Again

A critical factor of your website is the ability of your website copywriting to re-engage with your current (or previous) customers and serve them again.

Your website copywriting needs to nurture your customers and give them a reason to continue to believe in and buy from you again.

Intelligent web copywriting:

  • Showcases how your products and services effortlessly solve their problems.
  • Creates confidence in the decision to buy again.
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Going back to basics

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Remember: the purpose of your website is to achieve four goals.
Each goal is one step in a four-step process.

These four steps have to be completed correctly and in order.

The consequence of failing any step with inept website copywriting guarantees major web causalities like customers not ‘buying’ from you again.

The simple website copywriter facts

Your website copywriting must deliberately remain valuable to your customers by staying up-to-date and continually providing the latest advice and information to:

  • Encourage them to return to your website.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in a likable way.
  • Help them make further purchasing decisions.

 Remain deliberately valuable to your customers

Website copywriting to motivate your customers to ‘buy’ again: Where to start?

 Ensure you website copywriting does the thinking for you customers

Ensure your website copywriting does the thinking for your customers by:

  • Creating mental short-cuts so they can dissect the information to make rapid decisions.
  • Clearly deciphering the pros and cons, benefits, rewards and consequences of buying from you again.
  • Reinforcing their existing connection and rapport with you (and your products and services).
  • Using strong calls to action that sway the ‘logical’ decision to buy from you again.


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Investing in web copywriting

Your website copywriting needs to rapidly reconnect and reassure your customers if they’re to buy from you again.

You’ll invest a little more for a web copywriter with specific website copywriting expertise, rather than a generalist…

…just as you’d invest a little more for an industry specific business mentor rather than the random down the road.

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Focus on making it easy and logical for customers to do business with you again by:

  1. Knowing what their life looks like.
  2. Connecting with their problems and frustrations.
  3. Clearly verbalising your relevant solution.

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